Wearable Universal translator

Summary :

As today  there are lots of opportunities   rejected for  a talented person due to language skills.  Requirement of language skill  is   sometimes used  to cover  other options  like  nationality , race , color  regligeon etc..... However it was an opportunity for me  to explore wearable universal translator. ,  It can now  be  easily   designed using latest technology  wearable glasses


( Note ; I told this design in my language class, As expected the teacher was unhappy and said SUN ! U are ......)


How  does it work  ?

Your conversation  will be  translated to  her  language  and displayed in the glass  vice versa.  it can be easily  implemented  using exisitng  multi lingual translators and wearable microphones and glasses.



 I know videos are the best   for a demonstration purpose. Drawings are easier  becase I am a lazy guy ....