Should mobile companies revisit the strategy

Is it the time for  the mobile companies to revise their strategies ?

Country  used for this  analysis  : Switzerland

standard price plan includes new mobile phones   at 0 SFr with two year contract  (55Sfr). Eeach call costs  60 cents for an  hour . Standard price plan may include  maximum 1GB free data. However  this plan has lot of disadvantages 

First Pricing

You have to pay  55*24 = 1320SFr for a 400Sfr( average price ) phone

If I was a Apple retail stores marketting incharge I could introduce  much cheaper installment plans

Second Internet voice applications are much cheaper ,

Better internet phone calls can be made ata 0.001cent per minute

if you are using same applications then 0 cent even international calls.

You could find  lots of places free WIFI or  you can subscribe to  data plan   which can be used  not only for  voice but also for
watching videos reading emails etc.

So if  mobile service providers  are still following same strategy as today (15th April 2013)  there wont be a  growth in  future . What they could do   is

they could provide

Better cost effective ( need a number then consult me )   mobile data plan ( internet) ,

The applications  using data to communicate rather than depending on  the strategies based on PABX scheme.   


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