Is Switzerland - UBS online hack proof ?

If you  have   a Swiss bank account ,  you are always  given an  impression that  your account is safe .  I agree it is  safe from those phishing , online monitoring ,

keystroke captures .  However  this is not the  hack proof system from the experts . Hope you know that   JP Morgan , Stanlley Banks  have been hacked recently .

Let me explain 

When you Log-In to your Swiss UBS  account . 

First You provide   your  contract Number  to the UBS  banking system .   Then it will pop up   a numbers to key in to those  your personal device  .

Second , you enter the password to your designated   machine and you will  enter the  code generated  by the machine the  numbers provided by the Switzerland UBS  online system

Third   UBS  will compare  the  code you have provided by you   and  the code generated by it.

Forth   It will verify whether it is correct or not  . OK

Here the catch 

IF   Hacker is able to access the UBS  system . i.e  he is able to access  the users' contract numbers and the code generation   . It is possible

 because algorithm  does soft comparison between    the entered code by you and  the code generated by the banking algorithm .